Beacon Brewing Co. Craft Beer

Well balanced, deceptively complex, and always intriguing, Beacon Brewing Co. features an impressive lineup of bold, yet delicate craft beers. From light and crisp, to daring and spicy, Beacon craft beers are always interesting and delicious.

milkshake ipa


ABV  6.0%

Alice’s Hands: Left is a White IPA boasting a floral bouquet and a big creamy body. This IPA features sage and lavender under a heavy dry hop of Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial. Lactose was also added to achieve the creamy mouthfeel.

brut dipa


ABV  9.5%

On the other hand in the Alice IPA series is a dry Double IPA, also featuring sage and lavender. This version uses champagne yeast to create a very dry, crisp finish and dense carbonation. Bready, sweet aromas complement the bright citrus hop notes for a complex, yet simply delicious, brut DIPA.

thai chili porter


ABV  6.8%

A uniquely spiced porter. Initial aroma of Kaffir lime leaves followed by roasted notes. Thai chili peppers are showcased after the first sip in flavor and a full mouth heat that is intriguing but not overwhelming.

kettle soured berliner weisse


ABV  3.5%

Berlin Work is a subtly tart kettle-soured Berliner weisse. The Hallertau Blanc hops lend to a white wine, citrus aroma. With a hazy, golden straw color, it is surprisingly full-bodied for a light beer. It has a low ester profile, but a slight creamy tang and light lemon tartness thanks to the lactobacillus. The dense carbonation carries a reminiscence of a dry brut or champagne.

almost an ipa


ABV  6.0%

Invites you in with the intriguing aroma of rosemary. At first taste, the clementine blends sweetly with the malt backbone and the fresh rosemary flavor follows after swallowing. The residual mouth feel is light, and the palate is delicately prepared for more.

brut saison


ABV  5.6%

An approachable saison that is light across the board, from its golden straw color to the gentle ester aromas. The essence of orange peel, lemongrass, and ginger come through a finely carbonated, light bodied beer for a soft and dry mouthfeel.

belgian fig ale


ABV  6.2%

This hazy Belgian fig ale matches the season and spirit of dusky evenings. But don’t let the color fool you, it has a smooth and subtle stone fruit finish. It’s also surprisingly clean with a light to medium body and low hop profile.

chocolate stout


ABV  9.1%

A chocolate stout made with blood oranges and vanilla beans.

india pale ale


ABV  6.0%

The Whipcord is a well balanced IPA with bright hop flavors. It is clean and crisp, with piney and slightly citrus hop notes shining through a subtle malt body