Beacon Brewing Co.

Proudly located in the Hillside neighborhood of LaGrange, Georgia.

Beacon was established in 2018 in the Historic Hillside area of LaGrange, Georgia. The founder selected this area due to its rich history and ties to his family. Like many areas in the south, Hillside once flourished because of a booming textile industry that supported and employed many citizens in the community. Several of the mills were owned and operated by the founder’s family. Each month they distributed a newsletter called The Beacon. The newsletter was created for the mill’s employees and drives the creative and nostalgic atmosphere of the brewery.

Beacon Brewing Company serves as a beacon of restoration for all mill villages as it aims to revive what was once a lively area. Beacon has an extraordinary story and aims to create beers that are just as extraordinary. The brewery specializes in experimental beers and draws inspiration from traditional Belgian and Bavarian style beers. Each beer has a distinct flavor and a name that stems from the historical significance of the area.

Meet The Brewer

Liv Lawnick began her professional brewing career in 2014, as an Assistant Brewer at Omaha Brewing Company. Paralleling her brewing career, she received the American Chemical Society Polyed Award in Organic Chemistry and another ACS award in Physical Chemistry. This strong background in chemistry lends itself well to a brewing practice dedicated to quality. Liv also draws inspiration for her brewing style from a rich German-Polish heritage. As a first generation American and granddaughter of immigrant mill workers, she learned the importance of hard work, good beer, and strong community.